60% advertisement to song play ratio

  • 15 November 2019
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I 100% understand the need for advertising with free accounts. This is a product and a service, and Soundcloud is a business that makes money off its product/service. Makes sense. The sheer volume of them, however, is just obscene. God damn, greedbag Clearchannel radio stations are not this bad. At least with those you get to listen to more than 4 songs in a row sometimes. For science, I took note yesterday and on my other free account over the course of a couple hours:

3 songs, 2 ads, 2 songs, 1 ad, 4 songs, 1 ad, 2 songs, 2 ads, 1 SONG, 1 ad, 2 songs, 2 ads, 2 songs, 1 ad, 3 songs, 2 ads, 4 songs, 1 ad, 4 songs, 2 ads, 3 songs, 1 ad, 1 song, 2 ads, 3 songs, 1 ad, 2 songs, 2 ads, 3 songs, 2 ads, 1 SONG, 1 ad, 2 songs, 2 ads, 4 songs, 2 ads

46 songs, many of which for me are under 2 minutes long
28 ads, each 30-45 seconds long which I just mute because they are irrelevant to my interests

So, 60% of the items it played for me yesterday were advertisements. Seriously, what the actual hell are you thinking with this? What sort of short-sighted idiocy makes you think flooding your free users with advertising in GREATER THAN HALF of their listens will possibly make them stick around or consider becoming paid users instead of just finding a different service, of which there are many? I mean I guess it must somehow be working, unless Soundcloud is secretly doing poorly and is using this to try and scrabble up as much money before they crash….

The only reason I’ve stuck around this long is because a lot of independent composers post their soundtracks here. I’ve re-built my RPG playlists multiple times at this point, as multiple platforms that I used have gone under over time. I’ve slowly been working on building them again on other platforms, started way back when you dropped support for Roll20, I think this is the last push I needed to continue that and finally move out.

I know my ~1000 followers aren’t much of a big deal to you guys, but it’s just been a long, sad, frustrating road to manage these, and I continue to do so because I love it so much. I just hope I can someday find a platform that loves me back.

2 replies

Hey UltimateRPG, thanks for the report. Do you know if you are using an Android device or an iOS device?

Heya - this is using Chrome on my PC.