Artist called Young Astronauts Club has racist and pornographic fake fan accounts.

  • 11 September 2019
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There's an artist on SoundCloud calling himself Young Astronauts Club.

If you look at any of his tracks, for example Home
you will see all the comments are from accounts with pictures of naked or semi-clothed women. Going to any of these profiles they only repost and like Young Astronauts Club tracks but they follow lots of famous artists.
Amongst these with pictures of women are three with names that are references to Barack Obama with deeply racist comments, plus references to stupid far-right conspiracy theories about him.

It is possible these have been added by someone making a big effort to troll the artist, but as the artist has not done anything to block these accounts I somehow doubt it.

2 replies

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There's something very wrong about this. It looks like earlier posted tracks of his have paid-for fake comments from bots with pictures of men but women's names, and vice-versa. Maybe he didn't like those so made his own army of them. The guy is called Michael Macintosh and he's given lots of the fake accounts that surname.
Anna Macintosh
Heather Macintosh
Vanessa Macintosh

There's three called Rosalia Macintosh ....... ALL WITH NSFW IMAGES
Wow! That is pretty creepy. Are they meant to be his cousins or sisters?