Brainstorm: Converting Listeners into Paid Subscribers

  • 21 November 2017
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Hi everyone. I'm researching Soundcloud for a class project and I would appreciate if you could participate in this discussion. I'm focusing on how the company can convert their free listeners into paid subscribers. Despite the company's large user base of 175M, it's still unknown how many are paid subscribers. My guess is that the figure is pretty low since the company hasn't divulged this piece of information yet. And I'm not sure if they will in the foreseeable future.

That said, here are some discussion points.

1. Why do some people use the free plan? What value do they see in that?
2.Why do some people subscribe to Go or Go+? What value do they see in that?
3.What incentives should there be for listeners to convert?
4.How can the website or app improve their design/interface to let users know about the subscription plans?
5.Talk about anything that wasn't mentioned in the previous questions.

Again, your feedback would be greatly appreciated. Looking forward to hearing from some of you! 🆒

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