Brand new song writer needs help getting started

  • 6 March 2019
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Hello, I enjoy writing songs and have about 5 complete songs that I wrote. I am not a great singer, I know nothing about making music, have no experience at all. I only have songs written down on paper and know how they go in my head and can do my best to sing them. I have recorded myself singing them but I think they sound terrible because I’m not a great singer. But I still believe if someone with a great voice would sing them, and a producer would produce the music, i believe they are great songs.

I have no copywrites, I read online that you don’t need to copywrite until later, as long as you have a proven recording saved somewhere.

Please help and tell me what can i do next, if i have the next great song, i would hate for it to just stay on a piece of paper and never be heard.

2 replies

So I feel like I am still new at this but I have done end to and production from writing to production and release.

Can you take the five song you have and gimme the hooks on those five songs and see if its something I want to work with.

Alternatively, send a NDA to Keith Consulting and Management Services LLC. After the NDA is executed send the songs. Jay Kei the Artist
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Hi there @SoulWriter,

Great initiative! I would recommend you to seek artists, musicians, singers in your city and work with people in real live rather than the internet. This way you can build a trusting relationship with the musicians, gain more knowledge about music making, and exchange ideas right there and then. Once you're ready to record them, there's plenty of tools out there to do so, and you can upload them to SoundCloud so other users can listen to them and provide further feedback, too.

All the best to you, hope to hear something you've written on SoundCloud soon 😉