Faithfulness and not hostile to strangers

Like Rio out for selling sea shells on the seashore.
To record messages about love vs hate, with Social Justice.
Help is needed to continue my journey in various subjects
I am recording. Recently there was a fault in
SoundCloud connected with my Google + account
my upload recordings failed until I rebooted it.
I appreciate anyone pleading about the same assistance
to help continue shared Vulnentary Services
in the public. For educational purposes; without indocrination
by any compulsory means. And just to differentiate
spirituality from religion, with anyone joining me.
In a way that will NOT falsify peacemaking plans
that I will reject help from unbelievers of Christ's Instructions
by their twisted rules and regulations to serve Satan and Christ
at the same time. Sharing work with lies, is only applicable
to Saints who have advance membership in Religious Observation,
such as the Catholic Church or others I dont belong. However,
I am united with fake Chrisgians to keep updated. My priority
is to share truth and Gods Great ORDER THE COURTS ARE
so a lot of patience is needed bore making judgments on anyone
individual or group or government. The majority do not pay
attention to truth but trickery. About terrible things lies tell
of wars and rumours of wars. People are prevented from
hearing the truth in religious places of worship and or they
are expelled from challenging any religious system not updated
The every day immitation of bad copy cats who do bad
vs the immitation of good copy cats who do good.
Myamaria Marina Nikolich 8th April 2018 Weekend

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