How Do I Speak To Someone That Works At SoundCloud Over The Phone

I tried calling SoundCloud but it doesn’t let me reach them and I need to speak to somebody but it won’t let me

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You don't. You can file a ticket and speak to a representative online but I would not recommend it you will likely not hear back for about 1-2 days promptly not get the help you were looking for ask for an actual answer in which they will leave with you a nice little sorry note. Followed by an automated message saying to file another ticket in which the process will start again. Unfortunately we have no other music platform to go to that is as large as soundcloud so this is what we are stuck with, enjoy 🙂!
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Hi there,

In order to reach out via email, we're asking to go through the Help Center. You will be guided through a number of dropdown menus to gather as much info as possible at first contact, however will sometimes have to gather more info.

Apart from that, depending on the nature of your question, other users or a moderator from the community might be able to help.

@KC Jamø & @KONYAK JAK what exactly is your question?
Soundcloud has not paid me in two months despite sending me payment reports and withdrawing my monthly subscription fee. Can anyone tell me how I can fix this if I cannot reach anyone on customer service?

Thanks in advance

having same problem . Soundcloud needs to get more engaged with their customers if they want to improve their business