Is Kanga in Space a scam or trustworthy?

  • 12 November 2019
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I receive and e-mail from them and they ask me to join to their team. If anyone here who has worked with them, is it reliable? Do you get bookings? If not, how can I be in an artist agency to have more bookings?


This was the whole e-mail:


     Hello Thom, let me introduce myself. I am the person behind the recruitment team for K In Space (KIS). We are a kind of music collective, we offer music bookings, management.... At the beginning we started focusing in the main european cities (we are based in Switzerland) but year after year we are growing and expanding our model worldwide, including America..

Stop to talk about us, get to the point now. We need more faces, Djs, producers, artists to cover all the future chances worldwide, parties, festivals, shows, clubnights....

Now my questions 😉 Can you tell us more about you? what would you like to achieve in your professional career? what do you have in mind? are you interested in get shows, management, promotion, distribution? or all the previous mentioned?

Feel free to check out our website, the link is at the end of this email.

Have a nice Weekend!

4 replies

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Can you post a link to the profile that sent you the message.

It is a scam. A fairly minor scam in the grand scheme of things but still a scam.

If you join you pay for a nice-looking page on their website and that is it. I’ve been in touch with lots of people on the site and none have had bookings. Some say they asked to have their profile removed and were told they can’t.

Before they were calling themselves Kanga In Space they were Kangaroo Bookings. The website was exactly the same only with the Kangaroo logo flipped to look the other way. For a time both websites were running simultaneously but the Kangaroo Bookings URL is now dead.


If you look at the Related Topics to this one there are lots of other old threads about them. Note that all the profiles praising them don’t have SoundCloud accounts; don’t appear on the Kanga In Space website and don’t come up in any Google searches.

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Ha ha! Yes, you can trust them to not get you any bookings!

It’s a scam. Never got any gigs, never got any correspondence (unless I contacted them), they barely understood English, and when I asked to be removed from their site and to end my ‘contract’, they never took down my artist profile page, and I never saw my refund. Don’t waste your time.


Below is the email I’ve just sent ‘Ethan’ at Kanga In Space. (

I left them two or three years ago. They are still hosting one of my tracks and using my image. Don’t go anywhere NEAR Kanga In Space.


My email to


To Whom it May Concern at Kanga In Space.



I asked to be removed from your website several years ago. 


I told you I wanted the 'contract' cancelled


You are still hosting my image and my copyrighted music on your website. Here is the link.


I also never saw my refund from you.


If you do not remove my image and material from your website I must advise you that I will have to take further action.






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Thanks for confirming this, AnnaKate. Please let us know whether or not you manage to get your profile removed from their site.