Is Pro Music Rights part of the Jered Threatin story?

So, I've just been reading about Jered Threatin and his invented music career:

He has a SoundCloud page but there's actually only 12 followers, not 461 and it looks as if he didn't work on getting fake plays here.

I'm just wondering if the fake performing rights organization Pro Music Rights is another invention of his? It got it's Wikipedia listing deleted because there was no evidence it actually existed apart from its own press releases and very unprofessional website. Most of the acts it claims to represent are fake like the artists on Threatin's invented label. Pro Music Rights claims to have an office in the Greater Los Angeles area where Threatin lives and didn't he make out his other fake companies were from there?

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Maybe Jered Threatin is an invention of Jake Noch's, or is Jake Noch an invention of Jered Threatin?
Jered Threatin had his self-written profile on Wikipedia deleted because all the references were clearly his own invention to. Jake Noch had the Pro Music Rights profile he wrote on Wikipedia deleted because there was no verifiable evidence that the company existed apart from his own press releases.
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Pro Music Rights have recently had their Google Business listing removed for buying fake 5 star reviews. Much as I would like Jake Noch to be an invention if Jered Threatin's and therefore to not exist, he does. And he's now calling himself Pineapple Music. So in just over two years Jake has called himself:

SOSA IFBG (Which meant he pretended he was a Blood from Inglewood, New Jersey despite being at one of the most expensive private schools in Florida at the time.)
Brick God Sosa
Damu Brazy
Then there was a short time of releasing pop EDM under his own name and claiming he'd written the lyrics of vocals on really commonly-used sample packs.
and now he's Pineapple Music!