ISRC number

  • 22 March 2019
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Where and how do I get an ISRC number? Soundcloud says you get one when you upload or edit. It is kind of vague as to what that is and where it is. Can anyone help me figure it out.

Radio stations will not play your music -local shows- if you do not have one due to "corporate legal stuff".

Thanks in advance.

2 replies

You need to register w/ the ISRC and then they will provide you with your own ISRC. Its about $100. Here is the link.👍🏻
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Hi there,

SoundCloud provides an ISRC number once you are part of the Premier program and want to monetize and / or distribute your music via SoundCloud to other streaming platforms. Other services provide similar features. DistroKid, for instance, will also create an ISRC code for each of your tracks.

Here's more info on the SoundCloud Help Center about this: