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Ha ha Erico. Yes you, Erico di Pietro. What is so fake about these posts of yours is that nowhere else on this SoundCloud forum do any posts get the amount of attention and instant conversation as yours promoting and defending your shitty fake promotion companies Kanga In Space and Kangaroo Bookings. Seriously, have you actually looked at any other posts and threads here? Most get one or two views and zero response. Yours however get immediate response from three or four "people" instantaneously, all in the same slightly formal English so it's clearly the same person writing them all.
Anyway, the question that keeps getting asked in any of these threads about your scam companies: Why did you create a new company facade called Kanga In Space if Kangaroo Bookings was such a success?

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The Facebook link on the Kanga In Space website links to a page were they are calling themselves Kangaroo Events. So you are now organising events? Why don't you book some of the people who have paid to be on your sites? Every one I've contacted says they haven't received any bookings from you.