KANGA IN SPACE, what do they do? Are they American?

  • 4 April 2019
  • 2 replies

I had been hit up by this booking company and im not sure that they have American artists with them? can somebody tell me if they do, and what exactly they are trying to do

2 replies

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I thought they had given up.

The website is registered to an address in Italy but they seem to pretend they are based in France or The Netherlands. They claim they'll get you bookings as an artist or DJ if you pay a fee to join them. It's not a lot of money but all that happens is you get a nice page on their website. That's it.

Do a search here on the help forums for Kanga In Space or Kangaroo Bookings which is another name they use.
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I've personally contacted people who appear on the Kanga In Space and Kangaroo Bookings websites to ask if they've had any bookings and everyone who replied said they hadn't.

Anyway they seem to know they're being accused of scamming. They've set up lots of wordpress blogs with only a few posts that are mainly only about them not being scammers and a couple before and after that are just cut-and-paste from other sites.

I bet there'll soon be loads of posts here defending them soon by people without SoundCloud profiles and no profiles on the scam sites either.