Kangaroo Bookings is a scam

  • 29 September 2017
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These guys contacted me on soundcloud stating that they were an international booking agency. After doing some research I found that there were several similar "agencies" that have been scamming people out of 30-40 euros asking for a registration fee to join.

I received this email:
"How are things going? I hope all is well with you. I am Anthony from kangaroo bookings, a french booking agency. We started earlier this year and currently we are growing up little by little you know 😉 We are like a bridge between artists and clubs worldwide. In short, I would like to ask you something: What means music to you? Is it a Hobby or a Job? Are you already signed with a booking agency? Are you interested in get bookings this summer season? (July-October)? Sorry in advance for the inconvenience but your Moonmelt project reached my ears and new faces are always welcome. Have a nice Weekend Anthony L."

Look at the similarities between that email and this one:

"Hello! Let me introduce my self. I am Sebastian from France. I manage my own music artist agency "DivineBookings" with my work partner Thierry, for a while I worked in the world of 'bookings', I have some clubs and music festival contacts worldwide. We started our own international booking agency 7 months ago. I would like to ask you something: What means music to you? It's just a hobby or something else? How much are you interested to work as musical artist? Sorry in advance for the inconveniences but your track Feeling of victory reached my ears and I would like to know more about you."

This second email is from a fake agency called Divine Bookings. Here is some proof:



You can go to these threads here and see them personally attack and harass me when I call them scammers because they have no appropriate defense.



They create many fake accounts with fake testimonials to try and make their agency legit but all of the accounts have been created recently.

I would appreciate it if you guys could help spread the word and stop these terrible people from preying on and taking money from hard working honest artists, possibly like yourself.

68 replies

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Dude, I think you're mistaken. I have been part of this organization for a few months and I think for some reason you are trying to damage their reputation. In fact your comment is the first negative comment I read about them.
As I said in the other thread: any scam, I worked with Anthony lot of years, we have common people in our circle of friends and acquaintances. Seem you are the only guy in all internet who is saying that.

Futhermore all your accounts has been created one day ago... reddit and soundcloudcommunity, you have lot of interest in to speak negatively about them.
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On the other hand, what credibility can you have? if you have not even tried their services, in my case I was a few weeks with the free plan and seeing that it was a serious team I decided to go to the verified profile
After a small search, it seems clear what happens. Apparently the creator of this thread works in a company called Gloo Studios: gloostudios.com

They contact artists to make videos and charge them for it. The subject in question is responsible for animating videos and making music, with their corresponding commission. I think this guy, Alexander is trying to discredit Kangaroo Bookings by simply stealing customers. Just my opinion.
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I researched a little and how is it possible that with 600 followers you have 66k plays? and just in one song, I think the only fake here are you. LOL
scam? I joined this afternoon after a call from Anthony and I didnt have to pay anything. Joined free. did you read the FAQ?


It is a booking agency that supports all kinds of musical artists, contacting artists with booking agents worldwide.


We will keep your profile updated and make sure you keep checking your Inbox for your booking requests. Its easy, fast and professional.


We offer a useful mix of service. We are a music booking agency. In certain cases, we can also provide our own management services. But most importantly, we cooperate and collaborate with most other music magazines and music labels.


Just contact us if you are really interested.


Everybody is welcome to sign up, so why not try us out! However, we do reserve the right to reject artists which do not match our criteria for professionalism and content.


No. Kangaroo Bookings is a unique agency which actively seeks out new events and bookings, check our list of members and as best we can, match each artist with their requirements.


Of course you can, you can leave Kangaroo Bookings at any time. You also have the option to stop email notifications if you are off the road or just taking a well earned break!


No, as a rule we do not ask anyone to sign contracts because we do not demand exclusivity. Occasionally our team may offer an exclusive contract to our more outstanding artists, but we reserve the right to make or withdraw these offers.


It depends on each particular service. Feel free to compare our prices to other booking agencies.


Your first booking is commission free, this one is on us! After your first booking, our fee is 10% for each subsequent booking.


Although we are a worldwide booking agency, our head office is in Lyon, France.


Transport, lodging and flights, if required, are covered by the venue. Kangaroo Bookings will not be liable for any extra costs.


All the gigs you book by and for yourself (or through other agencies) are yours and Kangaroo Bookings will not ask for a commission for these bookings.


The best way to contact us is via email through our Contact Section







How can they scam me, if I signed in a free mode?
I dont see, where is the scam, My opinion is that Moonmelt just posted this to damage Anthony.
you guys only have to see that he is the only person who is doing that. Why? he wants protagonism.
some other comments I founded of people:

Josh Y. wrote:
Hi Johan, are you also signed with them? please feel free to contact me by private message . I would like to meet you and exchange experiences, what kind of music do you do?

I make rock/hard rock. Yes I signed up at the beginning of the summer. I got some minor bookings with kangaroo, shows below 400 EUR. Not a bad agency. Any scam, any fake thing as people use to ask me.
some other comments I founded of people:

Josh Y. Booker*** 16 replies 24 days ago
No dude, they are legit. They run my bookings in Spain (Barcelona, Ibiza. The east coast) is a serious and professional agency
some other comments I founded of people:

Josh Y. wrote:
No dude, they are legit. They run my bookings in Spain (Barcelona, Ibiza. The east coast) is a serious and professional agency
some other comments I founded of people:

Johan Mancini wrote:
they are legit, I worked with this agency since past 3 months and they got me a couple of gigs. My manager knows the general manager a man called Anthony Larousse, he is a good agent.
other comments from other pages:

KING_OF_ABLETON Booker* 2 replies 24 days ago
im the same situation, i made a little research, any red flag, i contacted them after a friend told me he signed up with them. his facebook profile is full of positive reviews and comments, and i contacted some of their artist there too. as i told you, their artists are happy with the agency. anyone knows if they work just in france or internationally?
other comments from other pages:

Johan Mancini Booker* 2 replies
I make rock/hard rock. Yes I signed up at the beginning of the summer. I got some minor bookings with kangaroo, shows below 400 EUR. Not a bad agency. Any scam, any fake thing as people use to ask me.
other comments from other pages:

JoshuaDJ Booker* 4 replies 24 days ago
I arrived to this community after be contacted by Anthony from Kangaroo bookings. First of all I want to explain Im not a soundcloud user, so... I dont understand why people says this is something about soundcloud. I always had used mixcloud and they contacted me too. So, not true this is something specific to this social network.

Just before to make a decision I tried to do a research about this agency.

Specific and manifest facts:
-They have lot of contacts from both sides (venues and artists). I know this because seems that their team has contacted some of us. I know some discos has been contacted too.

-They try to sell the idea of the "uberization" I found more info on internet:
"How does it work? Simple. They have “scouts” usually try to cover the entire musical demand. For example, if there are no techno artists in Milan, look for someone who can cover that gap. At that point we find a similarity with Uber taxi drivers who, thanks to their platform, assure a driver in a certain area, with a certain budget. This is the same, booking agents, event planners, clubnight owners look for this platform to a certain artist to cover an event, festival, venue or party.

Which enables? It allows that from small to great artists (Djs, producers, I’ve even seen some band) to access the music bookings market. It benefits the artist because it gives him the possibility of obtaining his contracting and also benefits the contractor because when eliminating intermediaries (classic agencies) the prices become cheaper."

-Venues are happy with his services:
"I called into kangaroo this afternoon looking to book an event for my artist and anthony took care of everything. I normally do this but due to time restraints and many projects on my plate I called in to take care of the event. He called me back and took care of booking the reservation and adding a rental car, it was great. Excellent service." I contacted this italian guy and he replied me.

-Artists are happy with his services I found comments like:
"This agency is very professional and very fast at responding to any questions you may have and there roster of artist including me are all marking our ways closer and closer to the top!!! Thank you guys so much for everything so far and for more great things to happen!!!!"

"Professionalism, really fast attention and an unbeatable treatment, very happy to work with them"

"Very professional and serious agency.
The comunication are easy and fast.
Thank you for all!"

"great agency!!!"
I contacted every one of them and no robots, no fake accounts, real people. You guys can do the same.

-Author of the topic related kangaroo to other agency just because is french and other soundcloudcommunity topic talk about oyher. I think they are relating with them just because some scary people search things like: french booking agency scam, french international booking agency fake, and they arrive here, just because goggle robot link this search with this click on the site. what is the result? google think that they are related.

-People who talk bad about them is curiously people who want a webmail or webprofile for free as another reddit user explained:
"Two weeks after my sign up, they contact me with a booking request: a nightclub show, all expenses would need to be within the 600€, near to my city... unfortunately this date clashed with an official event of the disco which I'm resident dj and I had to reject the offer. As I told you in my previous post, my experience has been really positive, I didnt see any fishy or weird stuff. Some artists ask me if they are scam, or a fake agency. I have lots of mails of this kind in my inbox each week, for me this is just a signal of how powerfull is this agency and how many people they can reach: hundred of artists and thousand of venues. Very happy to belong to this agency."

or "I hate people who, if they do not get what they want for free, are dedicated to stinking forums like this. You have a sad life!"

-make a research is not bad, Im the first one who did it, it is positive, but some people who dont want to pay for extra services, has been devoted to talk bad about the agency. As someone said in these forums: "Today, I finally registered on the web. You can signup with a profile and mail address under an upfront bond of $35 or free without profile nor mail. I choosed the second option, free. They will search bookings for me, I can leave the agency at any time, I keep my music rights, they get the 10% of comission from the bookings they get me. I was treated ok, without any major incidents. "
I joined cause I consider it a great chance, They take only the 10%. Im going to think about it, probably will join them with the free plan. Anthony explain me that they have also a plan as "verified profile" I think they would like to be like UBER and they need "the first drivers" so it sounds interesting to me.
The idea is that the first artists will be more important than the last cause the news will be the "reference" in the future if they grow up. and that could benefit me being in the roster from the beginning.
For example, if they achieve to be like Uber to be the reference on kangaroo for a "TRAP" in miami area... could be awesome.
If I find out something new I'll post it here.
I just registered here to let the you know my experience. Last week a friend told me about this agency, I had never heard from kangaroo before. So I sent them an application to offer my services as an artist. They replied me few hours later by email. Today I have registered with them and I have not paid anything because I have not wanted web profile nor personal email address. I am still using my gmail. No doubt they had heard my music for very precise comments regarding the song.
I found an Anthony's post which I think is interesting, I share it:

Hi, well let me introduce myself, my name is Anthony Laurosse, I am the creator of the agency: Kangaroo Bookings. Recently one of my artists has informed me of the existence of this post. I have registered here only to explain your doubts and questions. Forgive me for my language, I am French and I speak English within my means.
As I said above: I and some colleagues founded the agency. We have been working since 2015 in a small local bookings business in France, Paris. Recently (1 month ago) we decided to create an international company of bookings with the minimum possible of intermediaries (like UBER, from client to agent, Im sure you know what I mean).
I will try to answer all the questions, especially Antonio, I remember you well. I said that your sound was very similar to deadmau5 in the "equalization" and especially in the kick the of the drum sample, you know "that kind of progressive". Sorry for the confusion, it is logical you do Techno house, salsa style. Search a song called: BRAZIL from deadmau5 and listen to its intro:It's that kind of Techno drummer, I copy and paste the mail for you all to see if you do not mind, simply I want to clarify: "I liked your style, and the general sound equalization, remember me deadmau5 that kind of progressive".
Concerning to The_skittish´s comment about the logo: It is said that our logo looks like "planet hell" when "planet hell" is inspired by the logo of the mission apollo XVIII, please give it a look here: http://kangaroobookings.com/images/logo/apollo18b.png
There is no doubt that "planet hell" took it from there. Now that you know that they took it from there, will you also say that they are not legit? Please, it's just a logo guys. Our web designer was also inspired by the apollo mission. That´s all. Anyway I would like to clarify that the current logo is only an approximation of what we have in mind. In fact the webmaster was wrong selecting the logo because the logo that I finally chose was this: http://kangaroobookings.com/images/logo/logo27.png
As you can see we had more proposals designed:
By the way, which one do you like the most?
On the subject of bail: we offer two ways to enter: 1)free of charge or 2)under a bond that includes: profile creation, personal mail artist kind of: artist@kangaroobooking.com and obtaining an event in the next six months. The deposit is returned at any time the artist wants to recover his bond. For us it is a way of equalizing commitment, a temporary bond, nothing more. You have to know that creating a profile costs about 25 minutes, we have to create the email address and keep your profile updated too, it's time. If I invest time and human resources in you I need to know that I will recover my money, time is money after all. We automate everything we can, but there are parts of the business that are not automated. This leads to the next point.
On the subject of similar messages: we use some templates to make easy and fast the process, for example: I always ask the age, the money that you want to charge, your availability ... I do not write every time the same, I take advantage of something that I always use. I read absolutely all the messages and I answer them, you can verify it and from now I take the opportunity to put my email here: contact@kangaroobookings.com you will see as I answer to all of you. Real answers, no robot, come on guys ...
Concerning the artists' acceptance: all our artists have been informed of their inclusion in our roster, you can check it also. In fact they come from a platform of artists from a founding partner and personal friend.
I think thats all, else I take this opportunity to encourage you to read our policies here: www.kangaroobookings.com/faq
Im so sorry to read it, this is very bad for our reputation, this is a project that we really belive in these comments do not help at all, they give a tremendously bad image of our cause. In fact I was very happy with the acceptance of the people in our facebook, you can see the reviews, the people are quite happy, we have about 1200 eyes looking there. Anyway... we are at your entire disposal.
I dont care if thet use mailing strategies sincerelly, I just want bookings and little of tips and advices, I dont have anything to loose, I registered for free.
At the moment it seems that there are some people who speak very badly of them and others who speak very well. It is clear that there are many interests within the world of music. This is a shark pool. People stumble into them for better jobs. The record companies also, the artists continue with their war. What undoubtedly is undeniable is that kangaroo bookings are causing buzzing, and that is always good. This is free promo.
in the end the only thing that matters is the price. If they get cheap artists for their discotheques, I think it's a good strategy.
I think moonmelt is a troll, Im signed up with Kangaroo and any trouble
I dont belive this conspirative plan, some people watched lot of films like: Jason Bourne XD XD XD
Who could make something like that? no sense. Seems more like a personal vendetta, just have to see the posts, really funny.