Kangaroo Bookings is a scam

  • 29 September 2017
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This is what I tried to explain, I'm not the only one who thinks the same. Be carefull with Moonmelt and their scam agency. http://www.gloostudios.com/contact/
+1 (604) 678-9333

This guy and this shitty company should be spammed, seems he talked bad about other agencies over internet just to sell more.

This is what I tried to quote:
As I said in the other thread: any scam, I worked with Anthony lot of years, we have common people in our circle of friends and acquaintances. Seem you are the only guy in all internet who is saying that.

Futhermore all your accounts has been created one day ago... reddit and soundcloudcommunity, you have lot of interest in to speak negatively about them.

After a small search, it seems clear what happens. Apparently the creator of this thread works in a company called Gloo Studios: gloostudios.com

They contact artists to make videos and charge them for it. The subject in question is responsible for animating videos and making music, with their corresponding commission. I think this guy, Alexander is trying to discredit Kangaroo Bookings by simply stealing customers. Just my opinion.
and not only here, lot of people talk pestilences about you Moonmelt:

I researched a little and how is it possible that with 600 followers you have 66k plays? and just in one song, I think the only fake here are you. LOL

I think moonmelt is a troll, Im signed up with Kangaroo and any trouble

My theory is that some people are trying to relate them to other bad agencies. It is a question of discrediting other agents to hoard the market. Dunno.

Hello everyone, I have also been contacted by this agency. The first thing I did was a research. I have searched on different web pages. soundcloud and reddit mainly.

It is curious that you accuse a person just for misusing a word. I do not speak english either. I would like to see how would write in romanian an english person, sure he dont talk perfect ;)

You said "they look like new accounts, a month ago" and yours? you guys just have a previous comment! https://www.reddit.com/user/Moonmelt

I am not accusing anyone, I just try to be neutral and approach this objectively, because I am also interested in joining the agency.

Furthermore I visited your soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/moonmelt
following: 830
followers: 601

and you guys have a track with 66.300 plays? how is it possible? you talked about: "It's easy enough to pay on facebook and boost your posts and make fake accounts." this is what you did guys? because I didnt know it was possible. But seems it is.
Could you explain this? don't get me wrong, just wantto clarify it. But you are accusing a person and it seems that you are doing exactly the same. I do not think it's objective or fair either.
I joined kangaroo yesterday and I had no problems. I entered for free, I do not see the scam nowhere.
Definitely, there are other agencies bothering to tryhard discard kangaroo.
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I'm not selling anything, I'm making sure that other artists like myself don't get scammed by fake agencies like yours. Funny how when you get called out for being a scam all you can do is say, "no you're a scam!". Even if that was true, that just means everyone should stay away from both of us, which is completely fine.

I noticed you deleted all the comments you made on this reddit page:

There was about 5 comments there from different fake accounts defending kangaroo bookings and now they have all disappeared.

Also "Fergie Mayhem" made the same grammar mistake as this person:

"Fergie Mayhem Booker* 3 replies 1 hour ago
I joined kangaroo yesterday and I had no problems. I entered for free, I do not see the scam nowhere.
Definitely, there are other agencies bothering to tryhard discard kangaroo."

"LUKANN Booker* 4 replies 4 hours ago
I you have so many satified artists why bother to tryhard discard Moonmelt ?"

This makes no sense in English and clearly the same guy who's behind all the accounts doesn't understand it very well because he keeps making the same mistakes over and over. Clearly these are all the same account. Stay away from these scammers, even if you join for free you're adding to their credibility which is what they want.
Are you saying that Lukann and me are the same person? Please, leave the drugs. You are paranoid, and few people believe you by now. So why do you say I have the hidden profile, if Im the same person?

It is open! and created some years ago. ;););)

What is your theory now if we are supposed to be the same person... just cause we have made the same grammatical error. You have to relax more, or anyone will have the feeling that you guys have serious mental problems. Tell me one thing, you also listen to voices that say: "your music is good, your music is goooooooood". true? no way! those voices are also false. Come on! a bit of humor guys!

Anyway, I just wanted to give my opinion, but you always inventing and creating false testimony. You was exposed. Hallucinatory.
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What happened to all your comments?

Kangaroo Bookings is a SCAM

Stay away!
Kangaroo Bookings is obviously a scam agency. Stay away!

I have just been signed By http://www.kangaroobookings.com/index.php with MY DJ Duo called R&K (https://soundcloud.com/rodrigo-kerol).

They are legit!

Peace and Love

Kerol Garcia
I think you and Moonmelt are the true scam: https://imgur.com/a/fLB38

Kangaroo Bookings is obviously a scam agency. Stay away!
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It's a scam.

they contact me too and they look soooooo interested in my only one shitty track in SC! then i said im not going to pay a shit, and suddenly they were not so interested anymore ajajajaj
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Does anyone know why they've decided to call themselves Kanga In Space?
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I joined kangaroo yesterday and I had no problems. I entered for free, I do not see the scam nowhere.
Definitely, there are other agencies bothering to tryhard discard kangaroo.

Hi Fergie. Have you had any bookings yet?
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What's happened to their Facebook page? https://www.facebook.com/kangaroobookings
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Look. Kangaroo Bookings have a SoundCloud page:

You'll notice they aren't following anyone. I think that shows what they think of their artists, although as nobody defending them in all these threads appears to have a SoundCloud account maybe that explains why.
They've got 128 followers. Let's have a look at those.

Isn't it strange they've all got auto-generated one word names, all in lower-case letters. That's because your international booking agency have bought fake followers.
Let's look at SoundCloud's policy on this:
Dude, I think you're mistaken. I have been part of this organization for a few months and I think for some reason you are trying to damage their reputation. In fact your comment is the first negative comment I read about them.
You are who is mistaking. You are probably payed by those bastards. What other proof do you need to see that they are a scam?
Well, you gotta check agencies before you actually start working with them. Like, if I want to BOOK a DJ for an event, I know where - and without extra cost. For example, this is great: https://bstars.eu/celebrities-catalog/dj-s.html?cm=0&dir=asc&order=i.name&search=#tlb
I just want to add the information that the kangaroo bookings website no longer exists. Even the domain name is up for sale.