Like Limit Should be Changed to Allow for Better Recommendations

  • 10 July 2018
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Having just been blocked from liking for going through and trying to like all the songs on my private playlist of favorites, I'm frustrated that the like limit applies to such things.
Sure, it's important to make sure any likes are organic, but when the discover feature has given such suggestions as"like more tracks to get more recommendations," what else are users to do to but go through and like songs they've saved?
Especially if all the songs are on a private playlist, especially if they're all from different artists, and especially if the user has already listened to them, either the like limit shouldn't apply, or the user should be able to curate their recommendations in a different way. I would disagree that attempting to give the algorithm more data to recommend better songs counts as "unfairly boosting popularity" if popularity isn't a relevant factor.

Does anyone else agree? Should everyone simply like and add tracks to various playlists at the same time? Should users who want to get more recommendations have spend excessive time listening to songs they've enjoyed just to like them?

Maybe a feature that would allow users to get recommended songs based on all the songs in a playlist would fix this.

Apologies for any gross ignorance or obvious solutions I'm not seeing, but in the case the above paragraphs are error-free, I'd like to know what other people think about the like limit and ways to get recommendations.

5 replies

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Ok, but just to be clear, we don't all have all the time in the day to find and like songs. I dedicate and hour during which I search for new songs to like, and therefore, my behavior is going to seem like it's spiking. If I wait, what, 20 sec, or 1 min between each like, then I would have to spend all day on soundcloud just to like the songs I desire. This is an absurd expectation.
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Soundcloud's anti-spam bot really is backwards if it's not stopping upload spammers and unfortunately Soundcloud probably doesn't consider shadow accounts as a problem but what I was referring to earlier are spam bots that immediately like a song the moment it's uploaded and aren't usually boosting a specific artist's music, aka the "Get Real Listeners Today!" bots which promote scam and potentially malware ridden websites.

Until Soundcloud somehow updates their anti-spam bot to be better at detecting real spam, we're going to have to deal with avid users being branded as inorganic/inhuman for feeding the algorithm too much.

(P.S. I would never recommend anyone to only repost a few songs a day and what I meant to really say was don't like/repost a ton of music in a short time span. I was also pretty tired when I was typing the previous reply. 😅)
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I don't agree seeing as a riddim artist can take 2 second creating a terrible song, output a ton of terrible songs in a short period of time and it doesn't seem as if the developers created an algorithm to limit them from "spamming" the way they do, but apparently it's considered spam to like "too much, too often" despite the fact that it literally doesn't spam anyone to do so. One song a day?! That is absurd, I find at least 15 new songs a day I like, why is "human" and "organic" being defined as being a laggard?!

I think what you guys are referring to are fake shadow accounts that don't really represent a real "person" which are paid by artists and producers to "like" and "repost" songs to shameless promote themselves. Fake accounts is entirely a different issue than "spamming" and you can't seriously be suggesting that your algorithm for fake accounts is also used to combat spam, while at the same time ignoring the feedback that it's having a significantly adverse impact on your most avid users... 🙄
Stopping spam accounts is definitely important, I agree.
I think that the self-promotion aspect is impossible if the songs are all from different artists and the playlist is private. For one, it's not one specific person being promoted, and for another, the playlist won't show up for anyone else. Sure the likes are all public, but distributed likes are just noise at worst and when made by a human, good feedback.
Certainly a shame indeed that the only option for users to "feed" the algorithm takes more time and hassle than it should.
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It's a real shame that there's a system that takes away our privileges for going overboard on liking/reposting songs (I've recently been blocked from reposting) but it's necessary to combat actual spam accounts, I'd recommend to like a few songs each day instead of mass liking songs in a short time span. Also it doesn't matter if the songs were in a private playlist since the like is still public and not private.