Lost an amazing song and forgot name

i have this one song that i leaked about 2 years ago and i constantly listen to it. i haven’t heard it in awhile and when i tried to find it in my likes it was not there. i forgot the name to the song but i really wanna find the song is there anything i can do?

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It is likely the account that had it posted may have been deleted due to inactivity or for copyright reasons, it is unlikely you will be able to find the song again if you simply can't remember the name.

I heard a very lovely song some years ago and cannot for the life of me Remember the name. Only a part of the lyrics which though long, doesn't seem to yeild any results on Google. 

Lyrics goes

We can do it right here, we don't need the bed, we can fuck right here instead. 

It's a slow sexy meldoy a love making baby making song. Female artist(don't remember Her name). If anyone can help me find it I'd really appreciate it