Mix up with band names?

  • 27 May 2019
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I've seen this happen on Google before which is fare enough as they just aggregate from around the web and people can feedback the knowledge panel.

If artists have the same band name on Spotify they can even display both side by side with different pictures.

Anyway I was searching for a track by one of my favourite shoegaze bands 'Mira' - the track comes up searching 'Mira - Space' it's from their album apart - but the profile when you click on the link has another singers discography on top of 'mira' the band

so you have to scroll down to the bottom (Right to the bottom like to get to the bands actual work -

Anyone have any ideas what has happened here? I have always followed this band they are from Talahasse Florida - this page seems to be mixed up with a pop singer also called Mira (Very good by the way)or several pop singers called Mira, but the confusion here is very strange never seen a mix up like this on Soundcloud, as I have said it is seen often on google knowledge panels(mix-up's with artists work that is.)I will add that these tracks are on the Go+ plan as well so searching and finding the track shouldn't be mixed up with other artists on the page though I can imagine this could easily happen just have never seen it on soundcloud.

So this is the band Mira

And this is the pop artist Mira

There might even be more pop artists mixed up on the one page as I see tracks in Deutsch and Swedish languages also but this could be attributed to the first artist.

Any Ideas on this would be appreciated, I couldn't find an appropriate way to report this mixup to soundcloud either, there is nothing suitable to report the page for, anyway.

Appreciate any comments on this strange mixup I found on Soundcloud :)

With Thanks

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