Mojoheadz Records are spamming again.

  • 23 October 2019
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Moscow label Mojoheadz are back spamming every track uploaded with tags such as house, techno, EDM, electronic etc.  Once again they aren’t even listening to tracks as they are asking if they can “singn” tracks that are releases from real record labels, or edits and mashups which they wouldn’t be able to release anyway.

There are at least three profiles they are doing this from:

Artists Hunter


Talent Pool

Funnily enough, Alex, the person behind Mojoheadz, has actually put his own photo on the three profiles rather than stealing photos of real producers as he was doing earlier this year:

What Mojoheadz Record do is spam tracks saying they want to sign the track. If you respond they say you need to pay them $50 for mastering and promotion. This is not something genuine record labels do. You also need to send them audio and midi stems of the track. What happens is Alex then does his own remix of the track and releases that without asking the original artist’s approval.

14 replies

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I’ve spotted some of these.

He has also changed his website to finally get rid of all the fake stuff and stolen stuff. I’m not going to link it here but I think he is also no longer claiming he will develop the artists he “singns”, because he sure hasn’t done that to any of the people he’s ripped-off so far.

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Ha ha! He is spamming right now and is even asking for spoken word tracks to be “singned” to his scam label:


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I just got a message from them too, although it looks as if “them” is just one guy.

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it looks as if “them” is just one guy.

Yes. Two of those profiles in the first post here are now deleted. Was that by SoundCloud staff?

He’s changed the name of A&R to Artists PR but it still has the artisthunter URL. All the earlier comments are deleted but he’s started making new ones that are just compliments rather than invitations to submit tracks.

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Alex is spamming again.


More spamming by Alex on Saturday Nov 2nd. from a new URL.:


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Alex is either regularly creating new profiles for spamming or he keeps changing the URL and profile name:



Spamming again 7 hours ago:


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Headhunter. A new profile or another changed URL:


And this is great. Alex spammed a guy reading from the Bible, wanting to sign him!!!!!!!


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Alex is back spamming every new track tagged trance or techno, using two different profiles:


and A&R


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And another one, Record Label.


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And another. He’s changed the URL of this one at least once but it is currently reeeworker.


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Another Mojoheadz spam fail. Asking to sign a track that’s actually a spam advert for downloading movies.


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Another profile calling itself Record Label .