Need Suggestion for Volume Pedal for My Guitar

  • 4 February 2019
  • 2 replies

As all of us that music market is full with a variety of volume pedals. I am trying to find a durable volume pedal for my Fender guitar with in-depth control. May be most of us who don't play guitar would say "what's the point of volume pedal?" I am looking for a mono one and most of the reviews like suggesting the Yamaha FC7 as the best volume pedal but I am not satisfied with its output and it is also expensive for me.

Can you suggest any other volume pedal according to my needs. Few of my fellows are recommending the Morley PLA Steve Vai Little Alligator after having reviews from here. Have anyone of you use it? I want experienced advice. Don't only want to depend on online reviews.

2 replies

Yamaha FC7 is my damn favorite that I am going to buy next month. You should go with it.
i checked review there i think this is one of the best review from this site you can check as well