notifications change?

  • 19 April 2019
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It used to be that when you received a notification you got the text of what a person had written to you but no longer. Now to see it I need to go online. Has this changed or is it just something I've just not clicked?

3 replies

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Can someone, anyone, please clue me into what's going on here?
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Hey Lawrence,

I just came across this one - hmm, let's see - I've double checked with our engineers and indeed, including the content of the message in the email notification is something that we've disabling a while back. In terms of security, what this means is if you click on a malicious link on, SoundCloud will let you know about it. When messages with malicious URLs were being sent out as email, users clicking on them would get no warnings.

Also, once you've read your message on SoundCloud, you'll be able to respond right away. I can understand you want to know right away what another user has written to you, but I hope this helps to explain the bigger context around this. I'll pass on your feedback regardless, for our product team to consider in future plannings.
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It does, finally (after 3 months,) answer my question. But am I liking that change-no)
And unless I missed it-it would've been nice to get some notification of that change.