Obtaining an API key and yes I know they aren't open right now

  • 23 July 2019
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I am a computer science student who would like to use the SoundCloud API to practice improving my programming skills.

I would like to use the API to do some simple things like access my Likes, look at the genre tag for each one, and sort and organize them to place on my own personal site in order to look at what genres I like the most and maybe when I liked them. I'd also like to do some create a tool for discovering new musicians for myself, or try to dynamically access all the artists I follow, get their most recent track and display it on a webpage perhaps. Tasks that don't require many API calls and are used for completely personal use.

This would be a great learning opportunity, but despite my research over the past few years (yep, been waiting and hoping for API access for a while now) I haven't been able to figure it out despite finding some unreliable workarounds.

My question is: How can I get in contact with someone in order to ask politely for an API key? I don't have a Twitter account so I can't contact their twitter page. Or, if someone has a reliable way to use their client_id and a recent example (not from 2017 or earlier, as many of those Stack Overflow questions are the unreliable ones) could you please let me know? I love using this site and I'd relish in the opportunity to find creative ways to improve it on my own.

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