Problems In Soundcloud

  • 25 April 2018
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So, me and my team in a faculty project had decided to make the project about SoundCloud's quality we made a questionnaire to find out what most people think is a problem in SoundCloud, and we suggested suitable solutions to them -from our perspective- we would like to know your general opinions and suggestions about this problems/solutions, it would really help us a lot! , Thanks in advance! :))
The Problems:
1- Original tracks unavailability: Contracting with authors to publish their tracks whilst avoiding copyright infringement.

2- Searching: Improving the search engine by differentiating between original tracks and covers, and enabling search trough
keyword or lyrics to facilitate the process.

3- Availability Offline: Giving users the ability to listen to tracks offline again.

We would really appreciate every piece of information 🙂

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