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Guys its a marketing strategy. Most people refuse to click on a song just because of the amount of views. They try to boost your songs (yes with fake streams) to get over that hill. If you read "7 ways to market" on sound cloud, they will tell you this. Only use these if you're simply trying to "persuade" a random streamer you don't know into actually listening.
I had someone follow me out of the blue and start liking my tracks. Went to look and it said Ramen Records next to the name on the account. Then I listened to the one track and it started playing other tracks not listed.
Not sure if this is the same scam, but here is the page profile. Should I unfollow and block? Under Diana Kreig.
I am just a 15 year old who really wants to spread a positive message and pursue his dream of becoming an artist. Open your mind to different styles and people, if don't you will be weak with knowledge of different thoughts.

Listen to SixFan - merry bitchmas(freestyle) by SixFan #np on #SoundCloud
Yeah, I got followed by like 5 of those accounts in 2 weeks. Every one of them had 0 tracks and was following a few thousand other accounts. I noticed that each one of them had reposted the "submit your track" thing (it has been reposted 1,221 times as of this post). My best advice would be to report them for spam (there's no way any real user would follow more than a hundred or so people) or to just ignore them, as they eventually go away.
All my listens and likes are from mostly bots. I'm trying so hard to put my music out there. Here's a newer track. https://soundcloud.com/elfluck/sadie