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  • 30 December 2017
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Listen to Victimizing thoughts by oofer21 #np on #SoundCloud
https://soundcloud.com/seth-jordan-771202259/victimizing-thoughts plz help me get more followers
I had someone follow me out of the blue and start liking my tracks. Went to look and it said Ramen Records next to the name on the account. Then I listened to the one track and it started playing other tracks not listed.
Not sure if this is the same scam, but here is the page profile. Should I unfollow and block? Under Diana Kreig.
I am just a 15 year old who really wants to spread a positive message and pursue his dream of becoming an artist. Open your mind to different styles and people, if don't you will be weak with knowledge of different thoughts.

Listen to SixFan - merry bitchmas(freestyle) by SixFan #np on #SoundCloud
Yeah, I got followed by like 5 of those accounts in 2 weeks. Every one of them had 0 tracks and was following a few thousand other accounts. I noticed that each one of them had reposted the "submit your track" thing (it has been reposted 1,221 times as of this post). My best advice would be to report them for spam (there's no way any real user would follow more than a hundred or so people) or to just ignore them, as they eventually go away.
I just got hit with one of these. I heard a promo for Ramen Records on somebody's account (as a sound). I thought I was just submitting a track to some sort of playlist service or aggregator or something like that for somebody to take a listen and either act on it or not. I was expecting either nothing to happen or someone to get back in touch with genuine feedback. They have messed up the play count on my track Mellified by dumping a bunch of fake plays onto it. Very frustrating and annoying. Can anything be done to fix the issue?
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So I'm constantly getting follows from accounts with no tracks and have only reposted a single track (https://soundcloud.com/user-182291580-674826135/track) is this some sort of scam that takes the rights for your music or some shit? It's obviously fake so I don't understand why soundcloud isn't doing anything about it.
Hi this is BIGCITYJJ100, in response sorry you're having issues.
SoundCloud.com doesn't scam or otherwise.
I would like to hear more about this issue please reply to me , bigcityjj39@gmail.com, and thank you kindly.
I am bigcityjj100 and my interest now will be in area's of responses to issues except I not own or have rights to SoundCloud.com .
Please send your reply to my email address, bigcityjj39@gmail.com, and I have a possibility of getting in touch with a response from SoundCloud.com owners.
I supported SoundCloud.com and we know music lovers.
Over 10,000,000 plus followers including uploaded new tracks in Music.
ALL music is copyright and or trademarks are protected.
SoundCloud does not endorse malicious activity in their webserver or website's under law.
We at SoundCloud market and produce ALL types of music they way you like it and will look for response occasionally through advertising, Google Play, etc..
I support SoundCloud.com and I use nothing but SoundCloud Application- get it on Google Play
This message is from' BIGCITYJJ100, email bigcityjj39@gmail.com
Sincerely Jeffrey Lee Jones
If anyone else needs to address concerns or questions?
Please contact bigcityjj39@gmail.com and let's see if we can get an idea of how to resolve this matter?
I have a few options at my fingers but I do not own SoundCloud.com
Trust & Safety issues are the upmost concern which we protect here under law.
Any other questions please let me know?
Thank you kindly
Ramen RECORDS please let me know if you are interested in a contract about me , BIGCITYJJ100, regarding music tracks and production by me personally?
I know there was a bit of confusion but I'm sure we can resolve this and can move forward if you're interested still?
Let me know what you think please and thank you.
Sincerely Jeffrey Lee Jones
ALL copyrighted and materials are protected and may be subject to change to laws where ever written or expressed by authorities.
I look forward to hearing from you.