Random af idk what im even doin tbh

  • 26 April 2018
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IM BACK! (on my T.I. shit doe :D) yall prolly was startin to think i had completly fallen off my rap game for good, huh? Ha!!! NEVAAAA DAAAT!!! i will never quit with this rappin shit cause it's my passion yo! & that's why i do it, for the fun of doin somethin i genuenly enjoy & am passionate about.. I don't care about bein the best or none of dat fame shit... I'm just doing it from my heart, sharin my story with you guys & tryna spread a message. Dream chasin, whole lot of gang shit ya know what i mean???!! .... Yall know when you hear a rap or a certain bar that really just kinda hits you right in the soul, type shit? Yeah that's basically what i fucking live for. Anyway they call me J-Swag -aka- Jay savage. My Facebook is: Jessica Whitehead ... hmu 💯✔️

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