recovering my cpoyrighted profile that i couldnt change the name on ive been so busy with getting my future prepared i couldnt change tge name

  • 26 February 2019
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Hey i was needing help for a while almost 8 month's now and i never got a response i was wondering if you could help recover my account that was banned i didnt do anything illegal or against tge rules at least i didmt mean to i can change the name on it i just had no way of checking my email when the time was so i couldnt do anything about it at the time im sorry the music on there means alot to me spritually and has sentimental meaning i was wondering if you would be so kind to help mevplease i saw you were able to help a couple otheres with this same issue please message me back the acount was under the email and the name was VIZION5280 PLEASE HELP ME RECOVER IVE HAD SONE FAMILY DEATGS SO TGE MUSIC ON THERE REALLY MEANS ALOT TO MY HEART

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