Service not active after paying Pro Plan subscription charges on 24th Oct 2019

  • 22 November 2019
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I am facing a problem in my Pro Plan subscription account which was recharged on 24th Oct 2019 for 360 minutes. Hardly any song has been uploaded on the new service , which was successfully recharged as per receipt from SoundCloud on 24th Oct 2019 ., but it is not allowing me to upload any song with a message “you have used up all 360 minutes of upload space”… this was a message till  my last subscription of 23rd Oct 2019 but after the successful recharge of $72 on 24th Oct 2019 (which is valid till 23rd Oct 2020 as per SoundCloud’s own receipt dated 24th Oct 2019) this should not happen .. my emails are not being answered after sending 2 reminders have been already sent… is SoundCould trying to steal people’s subscription money or is due to a technical fault at their end ?  is anyone else also facing same problem? Pl cooperate .. 

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