Soundcloud Adds are the Beginning of the end.

  • 27 March 2018
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Just experienced my first SC add and I am reminded why I do not use Spotify.

I pay for a premium soundcloud account. I do not want "SoundCloud Go". I see your advertising for it everywhere and I am very aware of it and the service simply does not appeal to me or most of your users in any way.

I just experienced my first sound cloud add and it was for SCGo. What an epic fail. DO NOT put adds in front of your music before our play selection. Sound Cloud is not Youtube & and it is not Spotify.

Given that SCGO is a failed platfor. It's not going to be revived. It's dead and I am sorry. Annyoying your base with adds for SC GO or any other add in front of plays is a mistake of monumental proportions. Again, your going to see the drop in revenue.

Look, you want more revenue look at what spotify is doing with playlisting and do some really really obvious things like integrate playlists with beatport. There is an API for that. Label base integrated with beatport so we know you can do it. wff Integration track list with a music outlet is a huge source of revenue. Work that out.

Your already the industry standard. Artist use you to pass demos, labels do AR. and music outlets premier SC using posts. Your going to WRECK the base you DO have with the new forced adds before music.

The music industry base in the most important base to have and YOU have it. Don't fuck that up,


Look, again, I would be happy to help you make money. I put in an application and do the fucking metrics and social media marking stratagy and revamps your analytics when you did a call for applications for help in the stats department. I use all this stuff in my job as a small AR rep for a label. If I can see that you are hurting yourselves you are indeed hurting yourselves. You said I was over qualified. I am a statistician. wtf

Why don't you kill soundcloud go and make a functional app for mobile you? Why is SC the only major player that can't make a Mobil app? It does not take a genius to look at what spotify is doing wrong and what they are doing right and make something much better. I hate spotify but in the industry it is being forced on me because because it was current. It will die. The metrics have been done.

Soundcloud is not going any anywhere. You need to think about the long game.

There is no reason for me to continue to pay for SC every month if I am going to be subjected to adds. If I am thinking this, a scary number of other people are too.

Look. I love Sound Cloud. When you destroyed your analytics section we tried to tell you to bring back the old stats, You could have at least made it an option. It really seems like everything you are doing just hurts you and the things you are doing are already known to not work. Your trying to kill sondcloud?

1 reply

Right there with you. That's the whole point of paying for the service. I unsubscribed. Try listening to soundcloud while you're logged out... no ads.