SoundCloud artist-to-artist instant messaging

  • 22 September 2017
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Hey guys!

Long time member of the community here but never actually joined the forum..

Tonight as I logged into SC and tried to check my messages I saw a couple messages I wish I would have saw earlier.

I had this idea that we could increase artist-to-artist relations with SC instant messaging .. - what do you guys think? would it work? could it?

I'd love to hear your opinions.

cheers 🙂

4 replies

I think it's a great idea. I can't use Facebook, Twitter or Instagram anymore, but I don't see how it could be difficult to implement an IM feature when most other platforms have it. It would make it easier to connect with other artists rather than troll spammers that "th1nk u4 tr4k is g00d so visit some troll website."

That messaging service along with a file transfer for audio/images maybe would be nice and make it easier for collaborating using just one platform. And I rather never use dropbox since I've heard it's notorious for being hacked. Anyway, I remember Soundcloud when it first started, with the old layout and I miss those days. It seemed so promising. Now I feel like something needs to be worked on and I'm not entirely sure what. Maybe a messaging service would help. I know the advertisements deter me just like Spotify does and their 'capture the audience with loudness and kill dynamic range as if it were radio terror on the ears' just for a dang beer, an ad to skip ads just to add along, and oh that horrid jingle they intentionally make louder before the next song just to intentionally annoy the listener into being forced to listen to it in order to play the next song. Some albums are seamless and each track crossfades and blends so that a 12 track song is actually one entire song. These advertisements definitely screw it up for some artists. I'm going off on a long tangent and didn't mean to derail this thread.

Anyway, YES! Good idea. It could work. And it would. I would also be more willing to use the Soundcloud app on the phone if there was an IM feature similar to Instagram. Although if it were too similar to Instagram that would be a downside for me, since Instagram's IM is the same if not near exact as Facebook messaging.

If soundcloud added an IM feature, and made it unique enough to the point where nobody would want to use Facebook or Instagram for IM, then that would be key I think. It should be similar and intuitive, yet a special touch of something different that would attract not just artists, but everyone else as well; podcasters, listeners, et, al. I consider Soundcloud a social media platform, and IM features are becoming the norm for social media.


Yes it would be nice, I don't see how it couldn't work, and I would probably use Soundcloud more if they added an IM feature. And it seems almost crucial now to have as part of a social platform. I'm surprised there isn't one already.

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Hi there,

Messaging other users directly on SoundCloud is possible, however it currently only exists on Web, not in our mobile apps. This being a feature has been requested before, and I will forward your feedback around this to the relevant product team as well 🙂

Thank you & all the best
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P.S.: @Mike SB welcome to the Community 🙂
Thank you guys for your awesome opinions!
Mathis, I think I would be interested in direct messaging on my smart phone. But more so, I would enjoy an instant messaging feature - a feature where you could instant message on the same page you are listening to music or searching for new music, so that you wouldn't have to check a direct message like an instagram.

AIM is actually going out of business as off December 19th or so, sounds like a perfect opportunity to gain a competitive advantage in multiple segments of the market.