Soundcloud PRO, what happened?

  • 5 November 2019
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I made a post about how Im suddenly being asked to pay more than twice as much for pro membership as I did last year (my year subscription just ran out). I was asking how I could pay the same amount I was paying, instead of paying for this new “unlimited” plan that is completely not worth it. Some soundcloud team member or something messaged me asking for some more of my info like my email, phone number, etc. and that they would work it out for me.  


I just checked again to see if he messaged me back or if there was any update, and it looks like the private message has disappeared. Im guessing there is not going to be any update?  it is complete BS that creators are no longer able to subscribe with the $7 a month plan, and now have to pay $144 a year. The only options are free, or $144 a year? that is driving creators away from the site. 


Please tell me this is going to change or that there is some way to continue on the payment plan that I have used for years. I have been on soundcloud on various accounts since probably 2012, and its like Soundcloud doesent care about the creators that have been the ones keeping the site alive since day one. 

Im in a few discords / group chats run by various collectives and groups of artists and many are talking about leaving soundcloud, or have already left because of things like this.


Please soundcloud, fix this and allow the website and community to flourish again.

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