[Soundcloud search]I cant find myself by just typing my name

  • 12 January 2019
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As the title says it,when im from another pc or logged out of my soundcloud account,i cant find myself,there a lot of guys there named "Tex" but i have a symbol too,i heard that soundcloud works with reputation even if it does,i have more likes post view from other accounts named "Tex" and still i dont show up how can i fix this,finding a new name is my last option but i think im bonded to this one i cant change that easy,hope you can help,thanks for reading.

Edit:By the way when i google my name its always first no matter if im logged in or out,or the pc,how it helps you to figure my problem
Edit: my soundcloud name is "Tex 乡" and the link

0 replies

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