SoundCloud Xbox One app issues

I have a lot of issues with the SoundCloud app on Xbox One it always crashes and it never plays full music it always pauses which can get very irritating. I really like how SoundCloud is on Xbox One but I dislike how it doesn't have the right amount of support that it should have. It needs a patch or something to make it unsuable for everybody who loves SoundCloud on Xbox One.
I hope SoundCloud will fix this annoying bug that a lot of people are experiencing.

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Soundcloud in general is an aids fucking thing bahahaha.
  • iPhone App Problems:
  • no add to queue
  • top charts hidden under a pile of shit songs
  • Website Problems:
  • have to click on every fucking song and go on a new page just to add to playlist
  • more just cbf typing them
  • Xbox App Problems:
  • Has Cancer - Should be taken off the store there is legit no use in it, cant finish a song without crashing, can barely play it in the background without crashing, when you play a fucking song from your playlist it plays some random as bullshit instead of the next song in the playlist.