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  • 11 January 2018
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I am a hudge fan of electronical music and heavy user of Soundcloud. But......recently I have bought a new set of speakers and amplifier and this high quality audio equipment is creating the problem: "garbage in is garbage out".
The quality difference on 128kbps is so significant compared to the same song on Spotify or on qobuz. So I am returning to Spotify again to get 320 kbps in the meantime.
I am really curious how producers/DJ's deal with this. On Soundcloud sets and tracks are so heavily compressed -- and I mean HEAVILY compressed, that their is simply no other way to leave Soundcloud as a source of inspiration:-(.
Who is able to assuage my concerns?
I would say this is a business opportunity for Soundcloud to add a new proposition. I will absolutely pay more than Spotify to listen in 320 or even in high-res audio. Namaste Manon

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