• 29 September 2019
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Hello, Soudcloud Team,

My name is Arnau Martinez Ariza, from Barcelona (Spain), DJ/Producer with name Arnau Ariza, Owner of a new label "Techno Die Recordings" and CEO of Techno Die Organization.

I've been with you for a long time, I manage 4 souncloud accounts in your "souncloud pro" service both in artist profiles, as well as radio and record labels. I have been attentive to your other services and they are very interesting, and I have been wanting to expand my services for a long time, since the others fall short.

The interest in this message is, beg, and let you know my need from Barcelona, to have a partner profile. I do not know exactly your requirements to access and have the possibility of having a partner profile, what I can let you know is my need to have it and that I would be willing to pay what was necessary for this service, since I find it extremely useful For me and for my artists.

My interest is promotional, to improve the performance of my soundcloud design, especially that of my record label "Techno Die Recordings". Be able to add photo banner in the singles / eps / albums of my label page of soundcloud, and be able to add "featured profiles" as well. These two benefits are those that I consider vital and necessary for my record label and for the artists of my discography, the design and the image I consider to be one of the greatest weights for the development of the artists of a company, and obviously, of the own company.

For this reason, I beg to be able to communicate with you, and to be given a solution. As I said before, I am totally willing to talk with you and do what is necessary according to the economic requirements you proposed (extra monthly payment, extra annual payment, etc.) If it were not so important to me, I would not bother to write and send you this message , since I trust your development and work.

Waiting for your response to be able to dialogue and find a solution for my interests and for the professional partner service that I need and need so much.

Extracted from this message from 3 years ago ...

How do I upload a visual banner in a track as an OnSoundCloud Premier Partner?

Hey there,

Visual tracks (i.e. banner in a track) are currently only available with Partner profiles, which are in a limited invite only beta trial. We’re testing some added visual features on profiles, and hope to roll out the elements we find that work best to more users over time.

At the moment, we're in a testing stage and don't have a definitive timeframe for when this feature will be available for more users. In the meantime, you can learn more about our OnSoundCloud program here:

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Best regards.

Arnau Ariza
Artist, DJ/Producer, Owner and CEO.

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