Tried Soundcloud after being gone for a while

  • 11 October 2019
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One thing I think is awesome when it comes to music streaming services is a good mechanism for discovering new songs. Grooveshark did it best, but they got shut down a long time ago.

Well, sitting here and listening to YouTube playlists while I work, I got tired of them feeding me the same songs over and over. The last time I visited SoundCloud, they had a great new weekly soundtrack feature that gave me new songs, and I found lots of new artists through it!

Unfortunately, after trying it again today, I'm bouncing after just a few minutes. An ad plays after the first song. A pretty long (20-30 seconds it feels like) ad. Okay, I thought. That's fine. They've gotta make money right? Maybe it's just the first ad that breaks my rhythm, and then we get back into it!

After the second song (or maybe it was two; I'm not sure), another 20-30 second ad. I'm not into it. If it were a 5 second ad, that's different. But around a minute of ads in my first few minutes of coming back? This is worse than actual over-the-air radio stations, and they're unbearable.

Few ads, shorter ads, less loud and intrusive ads. MUCH shorter. Advertisers can get their point across in five seconds; I don't need to listen to a forced 20-30 second drama that is trying to convince me I'm enjoying it; that only makes me hate their product. Five seconds; tell me what you're selling, let's get it over with, and then I can go back to enjoying SoundCloud.

Yes I know about Go. I may subscribe when I have disposable income. Soundcloud just didn't leave me with a positive experience this time.

Good luck SoundCloud team! I'm still rooting for you.

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