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  • 16 November 2018
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I'm very frustrated that Soundcloud has blocked me from liking songs. I haven't used Soundcloud in about 2 months because I was too busy with school. I used the app yesterday and because I hadn't used it in a while I had 2 months of new music to look through in my feed so I liked a lot of songs in one day. I counted and I liked about 100 songs. Suddenly I was unable to like any more songs and today I checked my online account to see if I had a block and it turned out Soundcloud is blocking me from liking tracks because I liked too many yesterday. I'm really frustrated with this as I'm not a bot or spam, I'm just trying to store the songs I like so I can go back and listen to them later. Soundcloud claims I'm "trying to promote myself" and that my liking activity is "bombarding other users with notifications" but this is ridiculous because I only have 10 followers and most of them are bots, plus they don't get any kind of notification when I simply "like" a track. I do not repost tracks.

Why doesn't Soundcloud implement a captcha to verify that I'm human if it thinks my activity is suspicious rather than blocking me from using the app how I want to?

How long do I need to wait before I can like a song again and what is my liking limit? No more than 100 songs liked per day? I do not want to get my account suspended/terminated.

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