User name dispute

  • 11 April 2019
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My partner has been threatened her account to be frozen due to another artist reporting her for using her name.

She set up her artist name first in 2013 the other one which as 2 words in stead on one was in 2015. Soundcloud have dropped a bomb on us and left the room. SC has gone with the other artist who has apparently trademarked her name (2 words). She could not have set up an account in 2013 as the 2 word artist was then under age!

They will shut her account down in under 48 hrs if she doesn't toe the line with Soundclouds wishes.

5 replies

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Are they genuine messages from SoundCloud staff or just messages from the other person?
Can you post links to the two accounts.
IT seems to be a genuine response .. But they seem to be ignoring the reasoning ...the response seem very robotic.
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Please post links to the two accounts.
this has now happened...Stargrace was setup in 2013..Star Grace who has taken the URL was setup in 2015
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Hi there,

The team dealing with this type of queries does not moderate directly on the Help Community due to its public nature, but you can reach out here if you have further questions.