WASP Records and Bots

  • 26 August 2019
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Does Soundcloud own Wasp records? I only ask as Wasp seems to exist consistently across new accounts constantly despite being a pay-for-reposts service.

6 replies

This is the WASP Business model. Every time you post a track, a number of WASP Records bots are liking it immediately. You can see this because of the following fact: Your track has no plays but suddendly 4 or 5 likes ... how can that be?
It seems like that there are enough musicans that have the goal to be a pop star and earn much money. So that seems to work.
Often you get new subscribers with pictures of pretty women - when you click the profile you see always the WASP Record "Submit your track"-Track as their only track.
There is one additional thing about the bot likes: After a while the bot likes disappear. I often have 4-7 likes and one month later they are gone. I guess this is because of the Report-Function - some musicians report the bots and after that they will be deleted and their likes disappear.

I’m a new musician and I got a new follower, and I was pumped. But, I clicked, and wasp record. my likes, wasp records. It’s so stupid. How do I get rid of them?

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The problem is SoundCloud’s staff that deal with spam only do a regular Monday-to-Friday, 9-to-5 job and that is in the timezone covering Germany. Whoever is behind Wasp Records knows this and operates outside of those times and at weekends. BTW Wasp Records is not a record label. It is just a front for a fake activity seller.

same here been getting it for like 6 months

same here for years now. Only seconds after posting a track you get likes from the WASP bots. BTW blocking and reporting does help. After several minutes the likes / following is deleted. I always place some  “stop spamming’ comments in the WASP track. And I spam the WASP twitter account: https://twitter.com/Wasp_Records?s=20