What happened to soundcloud pro?

  • 23 October 2019
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I have been a soundcloud user and content creator for a few years now and love soundcloud. I have been seeing a ton of other producers talking about leaving soundcloud and how the site is being completely ruined. While I agreed the quality has been severely dropping for a while now, I didnt realise until today that I agree with them. I tried to renew my pro membership, which last year I payed around $55 for, and suddenly its telling me I have to pay $144 to go pro again. So now my page, which has been my pride and  joy, is being virtually held hostage for a ridiculous price. Why would I have to pay so much suddenly? The price increase makes zero sense. Is there really no way to just get regular pro instead of pro unlimited? It is not worth anywhere near $144. This is extremely dissapointing and I now understand why music producers are leaving soundcloud.

0 replies

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