What is an alternative to Soundcloud that doesn't have autoplay?

  • 25 January 2018
  • 1 reply

I just started a professional podcast for a university, and incredibly bad music autoplays after the episode is done. A lot of the people that I work for don't know anything about SoundCloud, so it not only takes away from the podcast experience but also makes me look unprofessional.

I see that this has been an ongoing issue for years, so I don't think my complaint will solicit change on the part of SoundCloud policy.

I read in another thread that artists are leaving for other sites. Where are they going?


Disappointed user.

1 reply

normally it's not possible to give a answer about other sides or something because that's commercial . but I'm knowing another one like this and it's called . check it out and use it for privat or something else , but sorry it's a smaller community like here we are . the most users are already on Soundcloud and it's really professionally for an artist or someone . sorry for me it's better and I'll never change it . better you are following the rules on Soundcloud and after you have not any kinds of problems with your stream . millions of professional users are showing this and me to ......! good luck and nice to see you back