Why can't I receive my confirmation email?

  • 16 May 2019
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I created this new account nearly 24 hours ago and am still awaiting my confirmation email. I have clicked resend a thousand times now, followed and checked all advice on the Help Center, posted on here before, checked the status blog, filled out a ticket form and tweeted Soundcloud support a few times for help. I've received my "Welcome to Soundcloud Community" email but still no confirmation email for setting up the account?

Would be unreal if somebody could please help me out or resolve this! Cheers

EDIT: I have checked spam folder and every folder in my inbox, also saved down as a contact

1 reply

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Check spam in your email first off huge chance it ended up there you also add a backup email to your account essentially a second email and see if you can get the confirmation email to arrive there. You can file a ticket with soundcloud for assistance but I wouldn't recommend it as they are horrible at solving an issue and reaching back at a timely rate.