Why is Soundcloud taking down Spinnin Records contest tracks?

  • 21 November 2017
  • 3 replies

I created my Soundcloud account mostly to be able to participate in contests that tracks MUST be uploaded to this cloud.
Yesterday one of my contest tracks was pulled down on "Copyright" issues.
It is interesting to note that all participants, still have their tracks on Soundcloud...Except ME.
Like everyone else I used the STEMS provided by the owners of the track and followed the contest rules here:
After filing a dispute explaining same as above, all that Soundcloud robotically answered, almost instantly, was this:
Unfortunately, your dispute was rejected.
Resolved on 20 Nov 2017"
My question for Soundcloud if any human is reading this... is WHY?

3 replies

Good luck getting a response from them. They just took down one of my ORIGINAL tracks that I spent hundreds of hours on not to mention money to a singer for the vocals. I disputed it with evidence of it being mine and an explanation as to why it would get flagged, they rejected my dispute.

This is a company that needs to go bankrupt with the way they manage things. I have never seen such a pathetic management team and customer support team. It's like they hire a crew of incompetent fools to run this.

Best of luck to you though and I hope you get an actual response, I know I sure didn't.
TKY I agree with you, they need to be canned... Hope they get bankrupt soon. From my experience with them it is clearly not a platform for DJ's/Producers. Unfortunately the biggest label, Spinnin' Records does business with them. I contacted SR and confirmed that all remixes entered in the contests, moreover, the ones in the Talent Pool do not pose a copyright issue since the artists and labels agreed to publish the contests under their management. I have the remix ready on youtube waiting to see if it get's flagged (probably not)and will tag Soundcloud so everyone can see how ridiculous they are.
SC responded... Loads of BS instead of saying "sorry our bots are not working properly" 99% of remixes with same content entered in the contest are on Soundcloud... This is what they replied... Really?

"Hey there,
Thank you for your email. As mentioned, this track was removed by our automated system because the remix competition has ended.
If you see other users with similar content, it is possible that they have all rights and permissions in place from the copyright owners to host their remixes, or it is also possible that their content will be removed in the future at the request of the rights holder.
We won't be able to reinstate your content without seeing that you have permission in place from the rights holder. Thanks kindly for understanding about this. We appreciate you respecting copyright law on SoundCloud."
i had the same issue! let's say you had a remix from the track 'sex' from cheat codes. Than you name your track 'Cheat Codes - Sex (Quin Remix)'