Wont let me change accounts from facebook

Currently I just got a new phone and Let my friend log into Facebook once. Then I logged her out completely. (COMPLETELY.)I logged back into my account on facebook, the one I use for sound cloud. Now every time I try to log into sound cloud and get into my actual account it logs me into my friends. It always says during attempted facebook log in. "You previously logged into Soundcloud with facebook. Would you like to continue?" And there is no other options so I click 'continue.' Every time It takes my back to my friends facebook which has non of my playlists and is blank except for the playlist I followed which was mine because there is no other way of listening to my music, unless im unlogged.

Things I've done;
I've deleted both double triple checked no info about my friend active in my facebook account.
Restarted my phones power between, maybe the only way round this is to fully system delete everything just to listen to my songs. 😥

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