• 18 April 2018
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I sing play many instruments and I have a big heart I'm a lover and I'm a fighter if I really want something I'm going to do whatever I can to make it mine if I'm really in love with someone imma do that whatever I can to make you feel special I'm the kind of person that I hold you down and love you and spend all the time that you want I'll protect you and I will let you be a person in my life because some people out here ain't real they hoes they fuckin other people and then lying about it but if you're not a hoe I top my head off to you if you loyal I give you props if you're a real one be real if you're not a fake one don't be fake if you really love somebody and you give him the world that mean you a real bitch or nigga, so to all those real bitches and then real nigggas y'all do y'all stay real keep it 100 with your lady keep it 100 with your man stay real💋❤️❤️

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