A different user is using my account?

  • 7 February 2015
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I had a great account. With 3 songs uploaded, some views and comments, I liked a few songs. But suddenly when I logged in with my email and password, I got in a whole different account. It said that my name was ''User5035......'' and I had no profile picture, no songs uploaded or liked, and I had no clue of what was going on. Now everytime I log in with my email and password that I've always had, I get in that account. If I search my real name in the search bar then my profile does appear, and I can just click on my name and see my regular profile with the songs uploaded and everything. I could also just follow my normal account! I don't know if you're following me, but shortly I can't get in my normal account. And I have no idea of what happened, or what to do to get into my old account again instead of this weird ''User5035.......'' account. Please help me! Because I really want to get in my old account again!

3 replies

This is sound very weird, because me i never log out and i never had problems with my account.
No, i never log out either. But I have this virus on Safari so one site told me to delete all of my cookies and that means that after the delete you have to log in to all kinds of sites where you're usually already logged in such as Facebook, Hotmail etc. and Soundcloud. And from that point when I logged in I was on another account.
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Hey there Anne,

Thanks for posting. I believe this is merely a matter of an accidentally created duplicate account. I'm positive this can be sorted. On a side note: when you create a new account and don't choose a custom username, the name that'll be given to you is always "user" with a combination of digits. One more indicator that an account was created when you tried to log back in to your old account.

Long story short, for all account access queries, we're asking our users to write in to us via email, as the process might entail the collection of personal data.

Thus, please send our specialists an email here. In your email, please let the specialists know we referred you from the forum and please provide a set of info so our specialists can start investigating straight away:
  • The email address and URL of your accidentally created account
  • The email address and URL of the account that you currently cannot seem to access
--> Since one email address can only be used for one SoundCloud account, the email addresses should be different.

Hope this helps and we can soon help you get access to your previous account again :-)