Account Disappeared

  • 20 March 2019
  • 7 replies

I recently started getting alot of plays on my main profile with 158 followers and I hit 6,000+ plays on one song! I promote this account with two different accounts. Sadly and randomly I was signed out of all three and denied access to them. None of my urls passwords or even looking these accounts up help me find them. I get the "User Cant Be Found" everytime! Can anyone help or know why this has happened?

7 replies

I'm having the same problem my url was

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@Jorge Chavez you should be able to access your account again properly.

@Rav Singh 516 - please reach out to our account access team if you still require assistance with this.
My account also got anonymously deleted for no reason please give me my account back

I also went out my way to make this soundcloud profile just to message the community I’ve done research and my account ain’t the only one please update your website and fix the issue
my account is deleted for no reason. pls restore my accound back

my account name: Dhaz
my account url:
My artist account got deleted for no reason. Please restore it.



 My account: just gone. I check my profile and stats and boom my profile is dead! i can’t login and nothing. My account is join with my store and this is very important to get this back! i got a lot of messages from my clients that they can't listen to the dem. Black Friday coming.. guys, please, please help me.