• 5 April 2019
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I am snorestar

Recently, my account was deleted for an unknown reason, and have yet to understand why.

Could the Soundcloud Support team look into it?

I'd like to access my account back, and I have not broken any rules regarding Terms of Service.

Yesterday I tried to log into my account and everything disappeared. No warning emails, nothing. Tried resetting my password nothing. Maybe someone hacked my account and do something wrong with it but please can I get my account and songs on my account back? My account's URL was

A big part of my life was in the account and this is the only way i contact my fans so please let me get my account back!

Thanks in advance and hopefully you can help me!

With kind regards,
Thank you,

1 reply

I listened to music and added people as friends and I was thrown out of the account.  When you try to log in using Facebook gives an error on any device.  They write that the email address is used and that the data is not entered in the corrector.  Please try again later.  I had to create a new account.  Account to be restored Mari Moskovskaya.  Avatar is the same. Please, help me.