Account/URL Disappeared Overnight, Music Gone, Can't Login

  • 29 December 2018
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I have had a fairly low-key account to upload my music for many, many years at the following URL:

Almost two weeks ago I opened Soundcloud to find that I had apparently been signed out. Ever since, upon attempting to sign in, it says there is no account associated with the email address which I know for certain is correct. And when I try to browse directly to the URL, it says "We can't find that user."

It's as if everything to do with my account is just gone, whether I'm attempting to access it from my phone or my PC. It's like my old account simply doesn't exist anymore, and I have no idea why, and I'd like it back if possible. I've seen old threads about people's accounts accidentally being flagged and deactivated or frozen, I assume something similar must have happened to mine, unless it really is just gone, but I wouldn't even be able to begin understanding why.

Please help.

1 reply

i've made 3 posts on this and no answers.