Ads pretty much after every song, same ad, makes Soundcloud almost unbearable to listen too.

  • 19 October 2018
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This is not a general Ad hate conversation. I completely understand the need for ads, something has to pay the bills, and am totally cool with them at a reasonable amount. But having the same ad after almost every song makes it infuriating to listen too and drives me crazy. I've been on Soundcloud for 7-8 years and love the community but this situation is pretty much forcing my hand. Either I have to purchase a subscription or leave. No matter my decision, it will leave a terrible taste in my mouth and will really weigh in on if I recommend Soundcloud to others.

I want Soundcloud to be successful!! 100%! I really enjoy it. But geez, making it hard to like it right now. Sorry and thank you all for listening, needed to vent about the situation because if I hear this Vans ad one more time, my computer is going to find a new home through the window.

4 replies

I previously haven't had a problem with the SoundCloud advertisements up until about 6 months ago. I put my music on loop all the time, so before, I was only getting advertisements when I switched songs which could be every 2 hours or so. Understandably, this is lost revenue for Soundcloud, so I was ok when I started getting advertisements between loops at what I considered reasonable intervals when they started putting advertisements in when you loop your music, but then, I was hearing the same advertisement for multiple months. I cannot tell you how happy I was when I was finally not bombarded by an advertisement promoting some IT school that always started with "let's talk about Noah." MOST ANNOYING AD IN THE WORLD! and I had to listen to it every single add for like 2.5 months. I heard it every day for the multiple hours I had music playing. then the ads starting getting more frequent.

literally, the only reason I keep using this service is because of the music library that I have acquired on it. If I knew of a way to transfer all of the music I have liked to some different music streaming platform, I would jump on it in a heartbeat.

it feels as though they are not providing soundcloud as simply an add free alternative, but rather forcing you to use it through the use of pusing advertising heavily.

The problem I’m having personally with the way ads are working on Soundcloud is when I’m trying to sift through my playlists for a good song. It’s so difficult to do, because every 2 songs I switch from, 2 ads play. Ads should play based on watch time percentages, not quantity of songs “played”.

The ads gets worst on mine to the point that i get 2 ads just to listen one song and there not skippable.

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I was just going to ad (pun intended) Yeah I’ve noticed now we’re getting two ads in a row sometimes. What’s going on? Is Soundcloud low on money or something? I don’t see why they keep on increasing the number of ads we get. We weren’t even notified. I find that refreshing the page is much easier and saves the time waiting for ads to finish.

PS: Oh yeah when was the last time I got a skippable ad? Literally forever, haven’t seen one at all in the last year or so.