• 25 February 2019
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OK I own the copyright on all my music. I have been broke so I created more than one account to get around the rule of only so many songs per account, I am trying to be honest in attempt to find out what happened to my music, on all accounts everything is just gone, no email, no explanation. There is an article regarding Uploaded Tracks Disappear

The only thing it mentions is copyright and if you are over your account limit on uploads, I am neither, I have only 200 tracks or so and 4 accounts, I have been trying to organizing things to make it work, I do not mind buying a full account because at present all of my work organizing the tracks is lost, PLEASE can someone help!! There is no customer support at all and I do not mind paying ANYthing to get this fixed, Please for the love of God.

3 replies


Here are my accounts where everything is gone on all of them:

User ID 979325135
User ID 120893361
User ID 496691954
And another account under my name Daniel *********

There are no playlists nor tracks on any of them, well the playlists are there but no tracks in them.

Error messages I am getting:
"This track cannot be played at this time please try again later"
"sorry something went wrong"
"This playlist has no tracks"

Additional info that may be helpful:

I have used a VPN a little bit today.
Most if not all my songs are set to private, I am uploading them for a producer/friend
With the 4th and last account needed, I just created a few days ago, some of these are duplicates from the other accounts I own, so is that the issue?
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Hey there,

I've tried to look into this, but the only profile for which I could find a profile (or records on our system) is User ID 120893361 ( That account is all set and running. In order to investigate what happened to the other accounts, please reach out to our Account Access team.

Hope the team can help shed further light on this.
All of my original songs are gone too. No email, no warning. Just FUCKING GONE. I hope I have them backed up, but I'm not sure I do. Soundcloud, YOU ARE A FUCKING ARSE. Not even an arsewipe,,, b/c that would be too good. Fuck you and the arsehole you rode in on... Gonna plaster this info to everybody... RIGHT NOW