All Tracks Suddenly Disappeared from Playlist while changing it from Private to Public

  • 18 August 2015
  • 2 replies

I was changing the privacy of my playlist ( from private to public when all of a sudden all of the tracks disappeared and it showed me my playlist with 0 tracks after they were 520 something. Urgent help needed. This showed on both the web browser and the mobile app. I reinstalled the app and the same problem is still there.

2 replies

Hi Gina
The playlist was made up of tracks from other creators.. I just used to add tracks to my playlist whenever i like any of them.. like most of the users here I guess.

I really don't get the difference.. I mean there's definitely something wrong with your system.. I didn't even accidentally delete it! I was just changing it from private to public? How come all the tracks - that I have spent over 2 years compiling - vanished? And why can't you retrieve them?

This is very disappointing.. and I really want the playlist back.. I can never compile such a huge collection again and I did nothing wrong to have it all gone like this.

Waiting for your kind reply.. and I wish the list can be recovered soon.
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Hi Nahla,

Was this a playlist made up of your own tracks or made up of tracks from other creators? If it was made of your own tracks then we can help you retrieve it however if it wasn't then I'm afraid we have no way of recovering it.